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35+ Years of Service

At City Wide Driving School it is our goal to provide your of age (16-17 year olds) children with the necessary skills to promote safety and responsible driving.  We have taught over 8500 students since 1974.  In time, with the education and instruction that we give them it will provide the experience they need and will help them find the rewards in responsible and safe driving.

It has been a pleasant journey in teaching the many teens over the years and my goal is and always has been to provide professional course instruction while promoting safety, defensive driving and a responsible driver for the long term. 

Tuition & Fees

The teen driving course tuition price is $900.00.  For a student to be considered enrolled the student and their parent will need to submit the required $300.00 dollar deposit with the registration form and a copy of the original birth certificate.  Per NH State law, the student MUST be at least 15 years and 9 Months by the FIRST DAY of the class that they are enrolled in.

Our driver education classes are about 8 weeks depending on holidays and school vacations.



Course Requirements

Teen Driver Course Requirements

· 30 hours of classroom (please note that the students are only allowed to

       miss 2 classes, or 4 hours, per NH state regulations)

· 10 hours of driving

· 6 hours of observing


The students are also state required to have 40 hours of driving time with their parents, 10 of which need to be completed at night (˝ hour after sunset to ˝ hour before sunrise.) These hours will need to be completed prior to taking the NH State Driver's Test as the Driver's Out Of Class Log Sheet (Form DSMV 509) will need to be passed in.


State Rules For Practicing Non-Licensed Drivers in NH

Students may start their practice driving at 15 1/2 years of age as long as the following conditions are met.

1. Must have a copy of their birth certificate in the car to provide proof of age when practice driving; we are not a permit State.

2. Must be supervised by a driver age 25 or older holding a valid drivers license.

3. Cannot drive beyond the borders of the State of NH  (other states may require a  permit)

4. Cannot drive between the hours of 1AM and 4AM.  No person, with or without a driver’s license may drive between these hours UNDER the age of 18. 





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Click Here for Driver's Out Of Class Log Sheet (Form DSMV 509)

Click Here for Parent or Guardian Authorization Certificate (Form DSMV 38)

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