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Over the many years that City Wide Driving has had the pleasure of teaching so many students I have also had the pleasure of receiving such great testimonials on behalf

of our students.


Thank you to all the students I have had through the years.  It has truly been my pleasure.

In drivers-ed I learned the basic rules of the road that I hadn't learned before. And how to handle and emergency like hydroplaning. Throughout the driving and classes many jokes were told to keep a comfortable environment rather than a tedious task. ~~Courtney


I learned that I was not as good as a driver than I thought.  I learned to park and pay more attention to my surroundings when driving.  I learned to control the car a lot better, and to not trust everyone on the road. ~~Patrick 

I learned about how to drive safely.  Drivers-ed taught me the specifics of a car and how and why you should drive carefully and defensively.  It also taught me how to check my blind spot and change lanes efficently.  It was a great experience for me to take drivers-ed. It humored me and I feel it fine tuned my driving  skills. ~~Khari


You were very helpful on the highway. Much more calm than my mom. Patience was very helpful.  I’ll honk at you if I see you driving ever! ~~ Alli

In drivers-ed I learned how to properly drive defensively.  Andy made me less nervous and more confident on my choices while driving.  He taught me how to parallel park better as well.  Without him I wouldn't be as good of a driver that I am today.  This class was really interesting and entertaining and I enjoyed the educational movies we watched.  Andy also told a lot of funny stories, and good jokes.  He made going to class fun.  ~~Alexis

I learned everything that I needed to learn to become a good and safe driver.  I am fully confident that I will pass the tests with no problem.  This was definitely a fun class.  You made learning the rules of the road enjoyable. ~~Chris

As a mother I found myself nervous and panicked at times when driving with my daughter.  I also struggled with explaining things to her, especially with the teen attitude that all teens have.  I noticed that as my daughter progressed with driving she became a serious driver with well rounded driving skills that Andy taught her during his class and driving time.  I highly recommend City Wide as my daughter enjoyed his teaching and I also appreciated  how pleasant he was to talk to when I needed questions answered or advice. ~~ Vanessa

I learned how to be a defensive driver, stay calm, don't panic, check your blind spot, right-of-way, how to parallel park, what to do if a blowout or any other incident happened.  I had a good time.  I always laughed when I was in class.  He made it comfortable to drive, not nerve racking.  ~~Amanda

By taking this drivers–ed class I learned all the rules of the road and how to drive defensively on the road and keep myself and others safe.  I also learned new techniques to better my driving skills.   Enjoyed this class.  It was fun and entertaining while I learned to keep safe on the road ~~Brittney

I learned a lot of good techniques for driving and defensive driving.  It’s all become part of my basics.  Your jokes are great and funny and really good for calming me down.  Your impression of “Nell” is really good!

I learned the importance of safe driving and how it can effect not only me but other drivers.  Also, how important it is to follow the rules of the road and defensive driving.  I had a lot of fun with City Wide Driving and would recommend it to others who want a fun learning experience.  ~~Kayla

During the course I learned a lot through the classes and through road driving time.  Some on the things like braking distance due to speed, A.B.S, info etc. I definitely feel safe going out on the road now.  I had a lot of fun with you Andy.  Most definitely make going to class more enjoyable and not feel like a chore.  Thank you ~~Johnathan

I learned how to be a safe and skillful driver.  Your parallel parking trick really helped me and will stay one of my tricks.  Thank you so much for teaching all of these skills.  We’ve had some great laughs.  I hope you never forget “GG” a.k.a. “Gum Girl”.  Thank you  ~~Lindsay

I’ve learned many things from Andy but most importantly I’ve learned to be a safe driver and defensive driver.  I enjoyed my time at City Wide J.  I will always be thankful my mother chose City Wide Driving School! Thank you Andy ~~ Katelyn

I learned while participating in City Wide Driving School the significance and seriousness of driving.  I learned the responsibility and safety that must be used to safely control a vehicle.  I also learned many driving techniques such as hand-over-hand and defensive driving.  I had a lot of fun taking part in this class and enjoyed the videos and fun class times.  I recommend this class to anyone seeking a drivers license.  ~~Dallas

Thank You!! Again!!

City Wide Driving School is a good and I would recommend it. Andy teaches teaches many driving skills and road safety. He is humorous and serious when he needs to be. I’ve come a long way since my first class and notice the difference with my skills and confidence. ~~ Jose

Andy at City wide has taught me a lot of tips for driving and has helped me become a much better driver. He also helped me pass my final.  Andy made every class fun and always interesting. Andy is always open and happy to help me and anyone in my class ~~ Kennedy

I took Drivers Ed at City Wide with Andy. It was a great experience and he taught me a lot. I learned to think ahead and scan everywhere to be aware of the road. I’m glad I took his class as I have become a much better driver and I contribute that to the class ~~ Amanda

Class was enjoyable, Andy was a great teacher. Driving with Andy was always fun, informative.  I enjoyed the class, learned a lot from it and I’m glad I took the class. Andy is a really good teacher and I would suggest this class to anyone  ~~ Anthony

City Wide Driving School has been pleasant to attend. Andy was a very good instructor, and very flexible in dealing with the busy schedule of the students. He showed us how to be truly aware of our surroundings, and always ensured driving was not boring.  Thanks Andy ~~ Madison

Andy from City Wide Driving School taught me all the needed skills to be a great driver. He helps you learn how to look ahead, be a defensive driver and all the details. He helps you become an all around skilled driver.  Great Teacher! ~~ Kilee